Our solutions



Designed for operator collaboration and simplicity


Designed for tight-access navigation and accuracy.


Designed for increased load capacity and reachability.

The Agile Manufacturing Robot (AMR) is a powerful manufacturing solution that combines advanced end-effectors, artificial intelligence, and smart mobile platforms to tackle aerospace manufacturing and MRO challenges.

Our mission is to lead the way to a lights-out manufacturing future, where the majority of aircraft production and maintenance tasks are done by modular, autonomous robots.

HEPA Vacuum

Facilitates a clean working environment and reduces FOD in the work area.


Customizable end of arm tooling designed to tackle specific applications.

Industrial Robot

Industrialized robotic arm optimized for locational accuracy and weight capacity.

HMI & control panel

User friendly human machine interface for quick system feedback.

Coupon Table

Allows for in-process hole quality checks to ensure first time quality

7th Axis Linear rail

Extended reachability for increased cycle time and reduction in system movements.

Transport System

Omni-directional wheels used for easy navigation within production facilities

Modular Tool Storage  

Automated tool changing enables multiple capabilities packed into one system

Safety Scanner

Configurable zones to ensure a safe work environment for the operator.



Manual aircraft wet-wash tasks are labor intensive, time consuming, and ergonomically challenging for operators. Wilder Systems’ aircraft washing solution leverages existing wash infrastructure and agile manufacturing robots to increase Aircraft Availability and redeploy skilled labor to higher value tasks.


The USAF consumes over 1,500,000 man hours per year manually defastening aircraft in preparation for structural inspection and repair. Wilder Systems pairs defastening end-effectors with continuous AI training pipelines to leverage a human-in-the-loop approach to continuously improve the performance and accuracy of the AI powered, vision-guided defastening robot.


Utilizing automated CAD to path planning, a 2D camera, and our trained artificially intelligent algorithms, we can continuously train and improve our models to detect various features and defects.


Our drilling end-effectors are designed to tackle a variety of different hole diameters, material stacks, and material thicknesses that encompass the majority of aerospace assemblies in the industry.