Our mission is to lead the way to a lights-out manufacturing future, where the majority of aircraft production and maintenance tasks are done by modular, autonomous robots.

Our focus is on commercial and defense customers currently performing tasks manually or with large, slow, expensive equipment. Wilder Systems automates production activities that lead to increased quality, higher productivity, and more cost savings.

The Challenge

  • Manufacturing defects

    Complex, multi-step drilling processes in airplane manufacturing and maintenance lead to defects and expensive scrap rates

  • Ergonomic issues

    Poor ergonomics shortens the working lifespan for operators, adding to the already severe labor shortage

  • Labor & cost intensive

    Without data logging or smart manufacturing, there is little visibility for management which creates difficult decision making environments

The Solution

Right-sized automation by Wilder Systems

  • Cuts labor time by 50% or more
  • Frees operators to work on higher value tasks
  • Improves ergonomics by reducing repeat motion injuries
  • Fits into existing floor plans and jigs without modification
  • Tracks process data with network enabled traceability
  • Enables continuous improvement
  • Reduction in scrap rates and rework procedures

See our robots in action